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    Work location: District 4, HCMC
    Salary rank: $1000 - $1200 net

    Job Responsibitlities

    We are looking for an enthusiastic PHP Developer used to solve problems by thinking out of the box and willing to join our mission to facilitate transportation booking in SE Asia.

    The position is based in Ho Chi Minh City, working in our office close to the UI/UX design team and coordinating with the technology team in Singapore. The job requires fluency in English.

    – Develop clean source code combining PHP and markup languages
    – Develop efficient, well structured functions connecting data, core and interface
    – Extend the functionality of the search engine, optimize algorithms
    – Integrate with external APIs
    – Work well under pressure and tight deadlines

    – Report to CTO
    – Coordinate with UI/UX design team and Chief Data Analyst
    – Coordinate with site content translators

    Job Requirements
    Really strong at back-end technologies
    – PHP
    – MVC frameworks (experience with CodeIgniter is a plus)
    – MySQL
    – cURL

    Good knowledge of the following front-end technologies
    – HTML 5
    – CSS
    – Javascript (jQuery, Ajax)
    – Bootstrap

    Understanding the basics of server maintenance is a plus
    – Linux server
    – Cron Tasks Server Management and Security
    – Load Balancing
    – Database Optimization

    Please send your CV to nhiha@jobseeker.vn or pm me via skype hahoainhi .
    Thank you!

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